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Third Degree Charred Grill & Resto Bar | LOCAL FOOD
Ramon Mellejor, Senior Travelers, Philippines
01 November 2018
You think you find the best spot here in cebu where you both can enjoy the food and place? This newly opened bar and restaurant located in Guadalupe, Cebu. So Third Degree Charred Cebu came in with a promising menu that will set your taste buds on fire.
You are yet to experience the best place to hang out with either your friends and family or even get a romantic date with your partner that comes with “swak sa budget” food and beverages! What’s amazing in this place is that you’l get to see the beauty of nature while indulging the cold beverage.
Third Degree Charred Grill & Resto Bar bestsellers
Photograph by Moning captured via HuaweiP10
A mixture of their bestsellers has become such because of their unique taste and combination of ingredients. None like the other, they claimed, therefore I reckon it’s something worth trying. Indeed, theirs didn’t underestimate. Here are the list of foods we’ve tried @ Third Degree Charred Cebu Grill & Resto Bar
Crispy Pata. (380PHP)
Photograph by Moning via HuaweiP10

This sinfully-made Crispy Pata skin pulled me in complete reverie, and I was quick to give in to the temptation to limit myself to just a few servings. Even without the sauce, the meat itself is tender to satiate my mouth. A single order can already appease a whole family or big group, and so I’d recommend this as well.

Crispy Kankong (PHP150)
Photograph by Moning via HuaweiP10

For appetizers, don’t forget to try their Crispy Kangkong, you will love it with the Garlic Mayo dip. I recommend that you order this if you are really hungry as most of the dishes will take a while before it’s served especially the grilled dishes as these are cooked fresh on their open grill which you can peek on.

Pochero. (PHP380)
Photograph by Moning via HuaweiP10

For the soup, their best selling Pochero is a must try. The tender beef shank meat in flavourful soup is heartily comforting.

Honey Sriracha Wings (PH160)
Photograph by Moning via HuaweiP10

The Honey Sriracha Wings is quite delicious and incredibly simple, but merely an afterthought here. The real star of the show is the strange, but effective, technique of coating the wings with a baking powder-laced spice rub before baking.

Sizzling Bangus with Gata (PH160)
Photograph by Moning via HuaweiP10

Sizzling Bangus with Gata or Milk Fish stewed in coconut milk is a tasty bangus recipe worth sharing. Easy to make and full of flavor.

“Wow this looks like a great place! We will be visiting Cebu soon for our clan reunion. Not yet sure about the date though. I will take note of this. Im drooling over those food!”


Food Critic

Cebu has been rumored everywhere when it comes to food,For over 4 years that the food industry in Cebu has reach its goal to maintian its large demand to food.
The competition all over the town is getting more intense and many competitors showcased their talents of serving wide variety of food, representing cebu with its excellent quality cuisine.



With a convenient location,  inviting ambiance, delicious food and reasonably priced dishes, Third Degree Charred Grill Resto and Bar is definitely a must visit. It’s a new rooftop place in the city that’ll be your go-to hangout place. Overall, Cebu Third Degree Charred Grill and Bar is a great new place to hangout if you prefer to dine outside malls or the usual bar and grill restaurants. Aside from it is outside the busy traffic streets ,it is also a more private and quiet alternative place to bring your family an friends when you dine here in Cebu.

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Store information
  • Operating hours: 11 AM -10 PM (Weekdays), 11 AM – 12 MN (Weekends)
  • Contact number:  +63 32 272 7588
  • Social: Facebook Page
  • Reviews:     
How to get there?

Exact location:  V. Rama Ave. Singson Rd. Guadalupe across Crown Regency Residences, Guadalupe, Cebu City — 5-15minutes away from SM City Cebu. 

BY JEEPNEY: Ride any jeepney going to Crown Regency Guadalupe (Eskina :-). Or from Ayala, ride a ,62B jeep (waiting shed – Mercedes Benz Tower) going to Crown Regency Village. ₱7-15 fare.

BY CAR: If you’re bringing your own vehicle or hailing a taxi/Grabcar, just navigate with Waze or set your destination to “Crown Regency Guadalupe”.

BY ANGKAS: Navigate with Angkas App, Pin your Location then set your destination to “Crown Regency Guadalupe”. ADMINS @ Third Degree Charred Grill & Resto Bar (Guadalupe)

The Good

Beautiful ambiance, esp at night
Unique foods compared to other restaurants

The Not So Bad

Not easily accessible
Pricey but you get what you pay for

Our Review


Summary Third Degree Charred Grill & Resto Bar (Guadalupe) is just the right place to unwind and get together with friends. I totally wouldn’t mind lounging around here all day.

Food (Taste, Presentation, Varieties)
Service (Attentiveness, Friendliness, WiFi)
Ambiance (Comfort, Space, Interior)
Price (Value, Affordability)

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